While close to half of the country cannot see through the left’s demonic tactics such as the fake Russia investigation and the politicized Kavanaugh allegations, some are catching on.

And this former lefty Brandon Straka sums up how the left has abandoned truth and free speech and embraced hate and prejudice in a video that is a political tremor right now and that needs to turn into a political earthquake.

An article that explains the #WalkAway movement is here and the video that he created is here.

Enjoy his passion and honesty – and send/post this for all of your friends to see, especially your liberal friends.

Its harder to deny truth, when delivered by this courageous messenger.

And since it all comes down to power, we need to engage in our local and national elections and encourage all like-minded people to vote. While a few Senate races will determine control of the US Senate, note here that our race here in NJ is competitive and it is now worth your time and money to support Hugin for Senate.

For Freedom,


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