Happy Fourth of July!


I hope you have a wonderful Fourth of July holiday to relax and celebrate our freedom. In doing so, consider taking a few minutes to remember what we celebrate today and how blessed we are.

Print out the attached unsigned Declaration of Independence (for everyone to sign) and then use the short article linked here to conduct a ceremony that can be a tradition for every Fourth of July gathering. Bring a coin and a pocket copy of the Declaration and have children read a few passages from it to explore our nation’s birth certificate. A few other items like iced tea, pretzels, blueberries, strawberries, whipped cream are good to make it more fun. This is how we make sure our families are proud to be Americans.

If you are near Central NJ, stop by the Washington Campground just off of Rt. 22 in Bound Brook for the 118th annual reading of the Declaration of Independence, at the site where most believe that the first American Flag designed by Francis Hopkinson was flown in 1777 while Washington’s troops were camped there. The flag ceremony begins at 10:30 and the Declaration reading begins about 10:50. See you there.

Let Freedom Ring!

PS – This article is a reminder that others fighting for freedom today still do consider America a beacon for freedom, despite so many Americans being willing to give up their freedom.

unsigned declaration for ceremony.pdf

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