Amazon’s Alexa – your own Social Justice Warrior


I hope everyone had a happy and appreciative Thanksgiving.

While it is critical to pause and give thanks, the left’s “social justice” class warfare rages on all around us – and in our homes and pockets. Some information to understand and counter that warfare is below:

  1. Google, Facebook, Amazon and Twitter all push their leftist agenda’s through their ubiquitous services. The video below is an example showing the leftist programming of Amazon’s Alexa (Jesus is fictional, Mohammad is Wise). Subscribe to CRTV (below) for more good and funny information on Louder with Crowder.
  2. Learn about the goals and meaning of Identity Politics and understand why holding fast to our American traditions and our unifying message can still prevail. Subscribe to Imprimis – the Free speech digest by Hillsdale College for more information like this.

God Bless America,


P.S. Tune out the fake news and tune into truth:

–Watch Prager University Videos – 5 minute videos for students and adults so powerful that search altering Google has censored or demonetized over 50 of its videos!

–Listen to Mark Levin. Essential listening each night between 6-9 pm on WABC radio and podcasts. Coming to Fox News, Sunday nights at 10 pm in February.

–For Television, Fox News is tops, but One America News is worth viewing (on Fios and a few other cable operators). – Subscribe to CRTV for Levin TV, Louder with Crowder, Michelle Malkin Investigates, Phil Robertson’s new show and more

Frequent these web sites. – original content that highlights the dishonesty of the media and provides a wide range of news not otherwise found. – original content of honest news that complements Breitbart – content aggregator that brings to light important stories ignored by much of the media – main news site of Brent Bozell’s Media Research Center, which exposes liberal media bias

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