Is this what the future of America should look like?

Lovers of Liberty,

The election is over, but the culture war to shape the minds of voters and future voters has only escalated.

Obama’s policies can be reversed. But his biggest legacy will be much more difficult to reverse. He visited colleges and worked the media constantly to spread his leftist gospel to institutionalize the marxist revolution he was born and bred to carry out. With the support of a leftist media, hollywood, textbooks that have been re-written, common core, and teachers and professors many of whom have given up any pretense of neutrality or truth, a generation has been brainwashed before our eyes.

To give you an idea of the challenge ahead of us in undoing Obama’s biggest legacy, take a look at the map below showing the votes cast by our youth. We are in a race against time to counter the leftist narrative and to change the minds of many of these young people who prefer socialism and a nanny state to capitalism and freedom. If we succeed, some ardent leftists, like former communist David Horowitz, could become the most passionate champions of liberty of the next generation.

To get there, we’ll all need to recognize that we are part of the culture war as we go about our daily routines and purchases.

The left has been so effective at making us feel afraid about allegedly not being inclusive that in the days before Christmas Christians wish each other Happy Holidays. We are letting them move towards their goal of removing every aspect of religion from our culture. Christmas is a national holiday for all Americans and is celebrated as a Holy Day by 90% of us. Prager’s video sums up why we just need to say Merry Christmas:

Information is the lifeblood of the freedom movement and the left is fighting to destroy all sources of information differing from the establishment media. The leftist company Kellogg’s decided that the family values of Breitbart News were not aligned with its radical values and announced that it was pulling all advertising from this top conservative news site. If big companies can get away with this, then the alternative media will shrivel and fade to irrelevance, when we need it to grow and expand. Brietbart is fighting back and we need to help make sure the alternative media can survive. On the right side of the Breitbart home page, click on #DumpKellogs and sign onto the boycott.

We can’t just wait for the next election to vote – what we do every day is shaping the culture and the next election. Don’t spend your money with leftist companies. Talk to the young people in your lives and explain how you worked to be successful and why only freedom and capitalism along with hard work will get their generation out of their parents’ basements. Turn people on to Breitbart and Prager University, tell them about a good book or a war movie that shows the sacrifice for freedom, and teach them to be proud to stand for our flag.

Spread the word of freedom every day.

God Bless America & Merry Christmas to all.


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