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Friends and Citizens,

Listeners to Mark Levin know about the recent momentum behind the Convention of the States project. Mark’s 2013 book The Liberty Amendments got the movement started because he understood that the federal government, under either party, will not limit its own power to spend money we don’t have and erode our rights to life, liberty and property.

As a result, the States joining together to amend the Constitution through Article V is the only other way re-gain control of the federal bureaucracy. Many major officials such as Texas Governor Greg Abbott endorse this project.

There is a strong national — and grassroots — Convention of States movement to get 34 state legislatures to pass a resolution calling for a convention of the states to limit the power of the federal government with:
a. fiscal restraints,
b. limits on its power and jurisdiction, and
c. term limits.

Any convention would be restricted to the topic of limiting government power in these 3 areas. This is a non-partisan movement and it can and must attract not only conservatives, but independents and liberals. Anyone can understand that it is immoral and unjust to saddle every new born baby with $56,000+ in federal debt for which that child will receive no benefit.

Even in NJ the movement is surprisingly strong with local district captains throughout the state. Now is the time to work to convince state legislatures to pass this resolution by getting as many petition signers as possible. Any citizen 13 or older can sign and it can all be done online at the link below. More information is available at the Convention of States website and in the videos linked below.

In addition to keeping up with this year’s election, this is a movement that goes beyond what any new President will be able to accomplish, and must be pursued simultaneously. Take action now:

1. Get your whole family to sign the petition online.
2. Forward this email and get other friends and family to sign the petition.
3. Listen to Mark Levin 770 AM 6pm-9pm to hear from the Greatest Voice for Liberty of our generation how to effectively defend freedom.

For Liberty,


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