Parental Refusal for PARCC Testing

Dear Parents,

We as parents are ultimately responsible for our children’s education. As a result, there are times when rather than trusting the “experts” we should consider looking for ourselves at what is best for our children.

Many states have adopted Common Core and about 12 states use the Common Core aligned PARCC testing, including NJ. If you have not taken the time to read an independent assessment (from an someone not funded by Bill Gates) you will be shocked and chagrined at what is happening while we go about our busy lives.

Our right to assert parental control and refuse to take these Common Core aligned standardized tests is a rare opportunity to take a stand against the loss of local control of education and the intrusion of the federal government and radical educational entities. Testing starts in just a couple of weeks.

We sent our letter today (attached) and delivered it to our daughter’s school. The teachers were supportive and the principal stated there would be no repercussions, despite this being a mandatory test. Regardless of the reception, this is a stand worth taking and it will only be truly effective if enough parents take a stand.

Some relevant links on this growing movement are attached below.

God Bless America,


Web site with key points in Dr. Moore’s shocking book called The Story Killers.

NJ PARCC Opt-Out movement:

NJ Opt-Out movement articles:


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