Support Freedom by Going to the Movies… Really!


We are confronted with an outright lawless President. When even a President’s own Supreme Court appointees smack him down (regarding his unconstitutional recess appointments) we can be sure that he is hell-bent on absolute power at all costs.

One important way to take a stand against this tyranny is to take your family and friends and go see the new movie America opening today, July 2, 2014. This is a true celebration of Independence Day and the spirit of the Declaration of Independence.

Not only will this film be extremely thought provoking, but this is an important protest against government overreach, and support for a great man named Dinesh D’
Souza who is being persecuted in many ways for speaking out against Obama so effectively.

See the trailer and find a theatre near you by clicking on the image for America below. Initial ticket sales will drive more theatre openings and are very important for this film’s success and our support of freedom.

In addition, there is a link to the book that underlies this film and an interview with D’Souza below.

Happy Independence Day,


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