Shift the Power of the Media to the Right Side

Dear Friends and Citizens,

Did you know that ESPN rejected an ad by a Catholic Hospital because it found the mention of Jesus was problematic?

Or that an ESPN analyst stated that we should not play the national anthem at football games?

Or that ESPN asked a question attacking devout Catholic Chargers QB Philip Rivers’ large family?

While we let our children watch exciting, “non-political” sports, the leftist media pushes its agenda every day in ways that are not noticed by many.

But the good news is that there is an honest media fighting back. In fact, after Breitbart News published a story about ESPN rejecting the Catholic Hospital ad, ESPN reversed its decision. The Catholic Hospital spokesman actually thanked Breitbart News by name. You can see all of these stories and more by searching for “ESPN” on the Breitbart site linked below.

Did you know that the Democratic National Committee and Soros Funded Media Matters are actively working to silence conservative media like the Daily Caller and Rush Limbaugh, and called for a boycott against them?

Or that an elected Democrat in NC says that vouchers for private schools will lead to terrorist kids (to defend the teachers union)?

There is a media and culture war raging and you can only find the truth about it through great sites like the Daily Caller, which is linked below.

By consuming the conservative media, we build the power of that media every day and that not only gets the truth heard, but it shapes events like the way ESPN changed its mind under pressure. The media is quietly tearing down our country because people are too distracted to pay attention.

But when the harm they are doing is presented clearly, the left must back down because they want their ad revenue from Christians and Patriots, while they tear down God and Country.

Web sites essential for liberty – bookmark these sites, like them on Facebook, follow on Twitter, and sign up for emails to share key stories and share with friends and young people: – original content that highlights the dishonesty of the media and provides a wide range of honest news. – original content of honest news that complements Breitbart – content aggregator that brings to light important stories ignored by much of the media – the most powerful name in news. – Glenn Beck’s web site that is part of his growing media company challenging the leftist media

Radio – Mark Levin is essential daily listening 6-9pm WABC radio

TV – Fox News – Megyn Kelly and Bill O’Reilly are the best for turning on new viewers

Movies – “Hating Breitbart”

Occupy Unmaked –

Support Conservative and Patriotic Hollywood: Comedian Adam Corolla and Actor Vince Vaughn doing a benefit for wounded U.S. troops.

For Liberty,


For those who want to do more, you can actively engage to call out the leftist media for their lies and hypocrisy through Truth Revolt. It is a

new organization made up of Breitbart editor Ben Shapiro and Freedom Center founder David Horowitz and is already achieving success by bringing sharp attention to the double standard in the media. Consider signing up for email alerts and signing petitions as the issues arise.

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