Celebrate and Appreciate the Meaning of Independence Day

Dear Friends and Citizens,

Have a Happy and Safe Independence Day.

Let’s take time on this day to reflect on the principles set forth in the Declaration of Independence and how we have benefitted from a nation based on principles of human equality and unalienable rights. The principal of a limited government that secures the unalienable rights of the people that come from our Creator has brought unparalleled prosperity and liberty to America.

But today the meaning of the Declaration is being twisted to support the liberal agenda and far too few of us recognize the problem or make the effort to set the record straight. The true meaning will be lost and we will be unable to carry the torch of freedom to the next generation if we don’t re-engage in our founding. This article provides some guidance on the Declaration’s enduring truths.

Let’s use our holiday gatherings to read key provisions of the Declaration aloud and reflect on their proper meaning and how it remains equally relevant today – especially with the young people in our lives.

One way to do this and to make the July 4th holiday more meaningful this year and every year going forward is to add a ritual that will teach the history of this great day. An Independence Day ritual is linked here from Dennis Prager’s Prager University (a very worthwhile site with very short and meaningful courses). This ritual will help bring the original and proper meaning to Independence Day and help make us all proud of our great nation and the bravery and character of our founding fathers.

The point is to take time out to keep our history alive for us and our children.

Let Freedom Ring,


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