Take a Stand Against Tyranny on June 19 in Washington DC

Dear Friends and Citizens,

The face of tyranny is slowly emerging to the disbelieving public as some details escape from the veil of secrecy about how the vast powers of Gigantic Government are being used against ordinary citizens.

The IRS – and other federal agencies — abuse their power and purposely punish conservatives, especially tea party groups who actively support individual liberty and Constitutionally limited government.

And the IRS is at the center of Obamacare enforcement armed with thousands more agents, hundreds of millions of additional dollars, and with our health records to abuse.

The NSA secretly gathers phone records from ordinary law-abiding citizens… but does NOT do so from the Mosques where the terrorists gather! Who are they trying to stop?

If this is going to continue to be the land of the free, the brave are going to have to stand up now and be heard loudly:

*****The Tea Party Patriots are hosting a rally in Washington DC on Wednesday June 19 against this abuse of power aimed at squashing the only real force fighting back against Obama’s tyranny. Here is the information to sign up for the bus ride down to DC by the 6/17 deadline, http://tppaudittheirs.eventbrite.com/#

I am taking the bus from Piscataway. Please let me know if you can make it.

***** See the videos and articles below about a great American citizen named Catherine Engelbrecht, who I am working with regarding a Voter Registration project, and who is under attack by our federal government. She had never been visited by the federal government until July 2010 when she founded the voter integrity organization called True the Vote, which is non-partisan and works to clear voter rolls of deceased and duplicate registrants. Since that time she has been visited or questioned by the IRS, FBI, OSHA, and ATF at total of 17 times. You have to hear it first hand to believe the tyranny going on in America today. True the Vote has sued the federal government and needs our support.

Liberty or Death,


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5/22 – TTV President Engelbrecht talks litigation with Megyn Kelly

5/28 – True the Vote discusses the lawsuit and undue federal scrutiny with O’Reilly

5/28 – NBC News; IRS Higher-Ups Requested Info on Conservative Groups, Letters Show

http://ih.constantcontact.com/fs125/1109296410234/img/231.jpg“One of Mitchell’s clients, Catherine Engelbrecht, founder of True the Vote, a conservative elections monitoring organization, applied for tax-exempt status for the group in July 2010. She said that when she asked the IRS two years later why it was taking so long to get a decision, agents told her Washington was to blame.”

Read the full article here

5/29 – CBS News; What’s Going on Between the IRS and True the Vote?

http://ih.constantcontact.com/fs125/1109296410234/img/233.jpg“Texas businesswoman Catherine Engelbrecht says she never had trouble with the government. That is, until she founded two groups with conservative causes. Now, she’s telling a fascinating story of alleged harassment not only by the IRS but also other agencies that she believes targeted her and her organizations because of their political ties.”

Read the full article here

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