Find and Defend the Truth

Dear Friends and Citizens,

Most Republicans, Independents, and many Democrats know that the mainstream media is biased to the left, but they still generally believe that the media and its reporters are honestly reporting the news.

However, the conclusion is inescapable that rather than report the news, the mainstream media uses each day’s events to knowingly provide a coordinated defense of Leftism — and a coordinated attack on Conservatism and conservative messengers, using a wide range of deceptive tactics.

Together with the Obama White House and leftist leaders like Soros front groups, the media has vilified its opponents (Tea Party, Fox news) so successfully by calling them extreme, racist, sexist, homophobes, etc. and has joined forces to repeat the same messages that they have convinced mainstream America that they are still relatively unbiased journalists – at least compared to the dangerous extremists at Fox news and talk radio. They have insulated themselves against truthful attacks as they support positions that are literally destroying the country. This story is part of a series provided by the Daily Caller about how closely Media Matters works with the Obama White house and other progressive groups and about how virtually all of the mainstream media is using their material.

2 current issues highlight this conclusion:

Benghazi – US Ambassador and 3 others dead after an 8 hour fight, military assets were an hour away and the President know about this early on but took no action – yet there has been minimal reporting and no serious questions asked by the entire mainstream media for months. This is far more serious than Watergate and yet the media is attempting to bury this blockbuster story while it focused on Watergate incessantly.

Former Clinton administration federal prosecutor Andrew C. McCarthy told The Daily Caller’s Ginni Thomas that the Obama administration’s response to the attack on America’s consulate in Benghazi, Libya last September was a “shocking dereliction of duty” and that “decisive action could have saved American lives.”

Sequestration – this was Obama’s idea and it is a tiny blip in the runaway growth of federal spending. (In the last decade, federal spending has exploded from a $2 trillion budget in 2002 to a $3.5 trillion budget in 2012 – a 75 percent increase. Over the next 10 years, the budget is projected to grow another 69 percent to $6 trillion.)

Here’s some commentary explaining the propaganda the media is putting out to support Obama’s calling this situation dire – and blaming it on Republicans. Incredibly, despite both of these points being false, Obama and the media are winning the argument because they are working together to make that happen.

And the White House will threaten even liberal outlets and liberal reporters who dare to report honestly and off of the Leftist script. They vilify and cut off access to those who don’t follow the script.

The media’s coordinated repetition of its message, no matter how false, carries public opinion.

Despite all of the information of the internet and social media age, we are not more informed in a useful way than past generations and even conservatives and Republicans are being duped every day.

The media is so slick in its deception that we need to find the truth by listening to Marc Levin and checking out the Daily Caller and Breitbart daily to have a frame of reference on its propaganda.

Be a seeker of Truth like Socrates and Breitbart – and then stand up for that truth.

Liberty or Death,
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If you can’t get enough, here’s a leftist media titan who is considering destroying all media that focuses on hunting and guns, even though he owns it.

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