Voter Country – Prepare for November 6, 2012 Today!

Dear Friends and Citizens,

This message and the entire Voter Country program is about starting with the most basic steps of doing our civic duty — to register and vote.

In many cases that takes some planning. In NJ, many schools are closed on Election Day and then later that week for teachers’ convention, which means lots of vacations that week. Many voters will not prepare for this, or for other obstacles, and will not get to execute on their solemn duty to vote.

By signing the Citizen’s Pledge, printing out the Pledge Certificate, and reviewing the FAQ at the bottom of the web site, you can make sure that you, your family and your liberty minded friends are not among those who miss their opportunity to vote.

Voter Country provides you with the tools to make a difference for your great country one voter at a time.

For liberty,


Voter Country

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