Being a Well-Wisher to the Cause is Not Sufficient

Dear Friends and Citizens,

While we must educate ourselves and our children to preserve our values and our republic, the founders entrusted elections as the primary way to continue to secure our Blessings of Liberty. Being active in all aspects of the “elective franchise” is the most direct way we as citizens can redirect our country towards prosperity and security. Support the best candidates in every way you can – voting, getting friends and family to vote, get engaged in working for the campaign — and know that you stand on the side of liberty.

If we do little or nothing we enable the leftists to take our freedom, be it our right to see a doctor of our choice, our right to free exercise of religion, or the size of the soft drinks we choose to purchase. As George Washington said, our engagement in public service “is a duty we owe our country, a claim posterity has on us. It is not sufficient for a man to be a passive friend and well-wisher to the cause.”

Today, much of the Republican Party stands for nothing more than a somewhat slower path to financial ruin than the Democratic path. As a result, it is through the primary process that we must weed out those Republicans who voted for big spending and big government legislation. It is essential to be actively engaged in this process to attempt to find virtuous, principled, and fearless leaders — and then to hold them accountable.

For New Jerseyans, two key primary races with Tea Party movement endorsed candidates are highlighted below for the election this Tuesday June 5, 2012. Get your friends and family out to vote.

One key primary race is in the new NJ- 6 District, where Anna Little, a true conservative who ran strong 2 years ago, needs our support now so she can unseat Obamacare booster Frank Pallone in the general election.

Another key race is in the new, conservative NJ-7 District, where conservative David Larsen is running against unprincipled Republican Lance who voted for Cap and Trade and to fund Obamacare. The establishment Republicans endorse Lance because he’ll go along as needed, but supporting Larsen now will show them that’s unacceptable. (NJ-7 is all of Hunterdon County, and parts of Somerset County, Union County, Warren County, Morris County and Millburn in Essex county).

Nationally, a potential rising star of the conservative movement Ted Cruz will be in a runoff against an establishment candidate for a U.S. Senate seat. Every U.S. Senate seat matters to every freedom loving American. Senator Jim DeMint’s Senate Conservatives Fund is one stop shopping for supporting the best conservative candidates for US Senate.

Striving to get us off of the path to financial ruin, the Club for Growth is another excellent organization that supports candidates who believe in economic freedom, and then holds them accountable by tracking and scoring their legislative record.

And, we’ve selected our horse to ride in the battle to unseat the radical leftist in the White House. Get engaged in Romney’s campaign for the soul of our country right now.

For liberty,


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