Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots,

Nearly ONE WEEK before this most-important election on November 2nd.

Public employee unions are among the largest donors in this election cycle (with our TAX dollars), and along with renamed ACORN groups and organizations using illegal aliens to go door to door, the left is fighting hard to keep its power and strike the final deathblow to liberty.

We are the resistance and we are not alone. We’ll let the videos do the talking on this message to get you energized to contact everyone possible to increase voter turnout in this election. FORWARD THESE VIDEOS FAR AND WIDE.

This is our country and it is our election.

1. Chilling new ad: “Chinese Professor” – Citizen’s Against Government Waste (1 minute)

2. This ad is “Mourning in America”. It is a takeoff on one that Reagan used in 1984 when he ran for reelection. His was called “Morning in America ” and it showed how much better things were for average Americans that what they were when Reagan took office. Here is the link to the new 1-minute ad and to the organization that is sponsoring it: It will blow you away.

3. Please watch this excellent 3-part video, which summarizes what Obama and his willing accomplices in the Congress, his administration, and the press, have been up to since the 2008 campaign. Many of the Democrats’ lies, deception, corruption, and anti-American views and actions are covered here.

.Breaking Point: 25 Minutes That Will Change America..

It was produced by the National Republican Trust Political Action Committee. If you do not watch Fox News or listen to talk radio, this video may be shocking, may be disturbing, but definitely will be educational. And, by the way, from this day forward you need to get your news from Fox and talk radio, not the biased progressive mainstream media.

4. (Tea Party Patriots) Watch this videoto see what is happening on this Tea Party Patriots tour. It is not just a bunch oftea party rallies. It is working with side by side with the local Tea Party supporters to get out the vote. This is the evolution of the Tea Party movement and will help us to get much more organized by the next election. 2 minutes into the video is another 1-minute ad that will be running and that you should see.

5. N.J. Governor Chris Christie, entertaining and frank as ever, discussing why we need to dump Rep. Pallone and elect Anna Little.

Anna Little campaign ad.

Take a Stand
For Liberty,

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