Rally every conservative, traditionalist, libertarian, Constitutionalist, Republican, centrist, and moderate vote possible on November 2nd

Dear Friends and Fellow Patriots,

To sit back hoping that someday, someway, someone will make things right is to go on feeding the crocodile, hoping he will eat you last…. but eat you he will. – Ronald Reagan

1. The Stakes Have Never Been Higher
2. Rally every conservative, traditionalist, libertarian, Constitutionalist, Republican, centrist, and moderate vote possible.

1. The Stakes Have Never Been Higher

Obamacare takes away your control of your own healthcare — and puts it in the hands of political appointees of the federal government, down to the most minute detail. The structure of the health care system will be determined by one central authority, reducing flexibility and innovation and denying Americans the ability to make their own choices, and limiting care itself. This epitomizes the culture of dependence that the Democrats are forcing on us through every instrumentality of government power, the Constitution be damned. And the effects are happening today: increased health care premiums directly attributable to Obamacare, health benefits being dropped by companies, additional taxes harming the economy, predicted doctor shortages even sooner – a true health care calamity has been delivered by the Democrats.

Every single House of Representatives Seat is up for election – including all 220 Democrats who voted for Obamacare without reading it, knowing that it was sold on lies and passed against the will of the majority of the people using anti-democratic legislative gimmicks.

To be clear who supports Obamacare and opposes the Tea Party and America’s founding principles, take a look at the “One Nation” rally in Washington D.C. on Saturday 10-2. It was organized and paid for by unions (e.g. SEIU) and various Socialist and Communist organizations.

For a short video from Americans for Prosperity on this “One Nation” Rally, Click here.

If you care your healthcare or about preserving Liberty, then read on and take action to stop this devastation to our country the only way possible – vote the statists out on November 2 and force the repeal of Obamacare.

2. Rally every Conservative, Traditionalist, Libertarian, Constitutionalist, Centrist, and Moderate vote possible.

Elections are not won by swaying large numbers of people to change their politics. Elections are won by energizing and rallying the base of people who already support a candidate’s positions — and by bringing along the moderates, and independents to that side. When the ‘base” is excited, they show up to vote in higher numbers than usual and make sure that their friends and family actually vote. This energy wins elections. History is made by the dedicated few – you and me. Right now is our time.

For this election, the Tea Party activists, Republicans, conservatives, and libertarians MUST join forces with centrists and moderates to throw out these statist in the Democratic party. I would just blame the Democratic Party leadership, but the rank and file have gone along with these policies, such as Obamacare, which are destroying our country. Further, they stand silently while Democratic leaders attack large business, attack successful citizens, attack industries such as insurance and energy, attack the Tea Party movement, and attack any news outlet that tells an opposing view point – regardless of truth. These attacks undermine free enterprise and attempt to stifle free and open debate of issues and as such they are all attacks on all citizens.

Our inaction feeds the crocodile.

The way to stop feeding the croc is to get energized and rally every voter or potential voter that you know or bump into between today and November 2nd.
Sign and Carry out the U.S. Citizen’s Pledge

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