Take a stand against Radical Islam and oppose the 911 Victory Mosque.

This mosque is being built by the forces of Radical Islam and will be used a a recruitment tool to show that Islamists took down the Twin Towers and built a mosque on that site, as Islam has done on conquered lands for more than a thousand years. We must take a stand against this aggression right now and end the appeasement that put Europe where it is.  Here is Anna Little on the 911 Victory Mosque (abridged).

American Pride, National Spirit and

Inextinguishable Strength


The United States of America, also known as the “Land of the Free” and the “Home of the Brave”, is also home to many churches, mosques, synagogues, and temples representing almost every religion existing in the modern world.   No other country has principled itself so strongly upon tolerance of religious differences, and the right to worship in the manner of one’s choosing.   We even offer asylum to foreign persons who are persecuted because of their faith or political beliefs, permitting them safe refuge within the United States where they can freely practice their religion and fully and openly express their beliefs.   There can be no doubt that freedom of religion is respected here.The attack in New York City on 9.11.01 was an act of war; neither by a nation nor any particular faith, but by a radical network of terrorists who claim “Islamic Jihad” as the moral basis for the destruction of the American way of life.   As a phoenix rises from its ashes, Americans lifted each other from the dust of the collapsed buildings and helped each other walk to safety.   American flags were erected, hung and worn as clothing by everyone as proof that the United States of America remained strong.  

Just because it is legally possible for a Mosque to be built near “Ground Zero”, the former site of the World Trade Towers and the earthly grave of those who perished in the 9.11.01 attack does not mean such a building should be there.   The freedom to do this does not make the action morally sensitive or correct.   The profound nature of what occurred at “Ground Zero” and the great sacrifices made by honorable Americans on that day merit respect and reverence.  The religious symbol co-opted by the Jihadist terrorists responsible for the modern act of war would be out of place and inappropriate at “Ground Zero”.   Thoughts of it have already stirred anger, grief and resentment.   It does not promote peace and tolerance in the hearts of fellow Americans.   Located on that site I propose that it never will.

I call upon Americans of all faiths to bond together once again in the face of our “Jihadist” enemy, who would use our freedoms and our perceived religious differences to defeat us and extinguish the American way of life.  Full disclosure of financial records disproving any connection with Jihadist terrorists would demonstrate sensitivity to those who still suffer and respect for those who perished on 9.11.01.  In America, despite our differences, we share a pride and national spirit which is our inextinguishable strength.  

If and when any development occurs at or near “Ground Zero”, I urge all parties to be sensitive and respectful to each other, appropriate in planning, with open dialogue and compromise which promotes peace and unity among Americans of all nationalities and faiths.   Mutual respect, unity in spirit and compromise are the antithesis to the terror imposed by our enemy.   We must not give in to terror.  We must not live in fear.  Our enemy will use our differences to divide us.  Only united as fellow Americans can we prevail.

Anna C. Little
Mayor, Borough of Highlands, NJ

From – US Citizen’s Pledge

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