Support Specific Candidates, especially Anna Little

With a Republican Party that has lost its way, donations and time are best devoted to specific conservative candidates.  In New Jersey, there is none better than 6th District Congressional Candidate Anna Little.  A recent poll showed that she is only down by 6 points on the radical Obama supporting Pallone – what a major victory for liberty Anna’s victory would be. LITTLE GOVERNMENT IS GOOD GOVERNMENT!!

Contact her campaign through the web site below and donate money and sign up to volunteer.  Anna’s Army goes out to a different town every Saturday morning and knocks on doors.  This old fashioned grass roots campaigning is a great way to get involved – and she also needs help with phone calls and other things. Take action now.

Other important New Jersey races to consider supporting – conservative candidate websites are linked: Roland Straten, Dale Glading, Jon Runyan, Michael Agosta and Scott Sipprelle are running, respectively, against Pascrell, Andrews, Adler, Rothman and Holt.

On the national front, the best way to get money to key conservative Senate races is through Senator Jim DeMint’s Senate Conservatives Fund PAC, which supports true conservatives for U.S. Senate such as Sharron Angle in Nevada and Pat Toomey in PA.  He is single handedly working to change the U.S. Senate and bring founding values back to this all-important legislative body.

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