Sign and Carry out the U.S. Citizen’s Pledge —

Once you have signed the Pledge, you have pledged to not only get educated and vote, but to help others to do so.  As a result, you will need to have that conversation with people you come across starting with family and friends, but also with others – acquaintances, people you deal with in daily events at work or running errands, or in Church, Synagogue, or clubs, parties, sporting events or any social function. We need to rally every vote and only each of us taking this challenge can make a collective difference.

Even if you’ve never talked politics before, now is the time. Start in a non-partisan manner just by asking if someone are registered and plans to vote on November 2, 2010. Explain how important every vote is and how important this election is to the future of our country.  Discuss the issues with them and if appropriate direct them to sign the U.S. Citizen’s Pledge and to sign up for e-mails so that they will get reminders as election day nears.  Or just assist them in getting registered and voting.  Take them on as a recruit that you will personally guide to the polls on election day.  Even one recruit doubles your voting power – try to get as many as possible.

Don’t think that the left has stopped its grassroots voter activism – ACORN and its fraudulent voter registration tactics are alive and well under different names in different places.  They are still registering voters and still capable of swaying elections, and Obama and Holder shut down the investigations despite mountains of evidence of fraud.  Conservatives must be in this game.

Use the Social Media – this is essential even if you think its just for young people.  Another important thing that you can do is to raise your voice as a citizen in your own way. Join Facebook and build up your network. Become friends or fans of other conservative organizations such as the Heritage Foundation and even individual candidates such as Anna Little.  Make your point of view clear that you support liberty and constitutionally limited government and not the big government socialism being forced upon us from washington DC. Help others know they are not alone by seeing your courage in the public square. Also, please make sure to seek me out and send me a friend request so we can all link on on Facebook.

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