8/28 Glenn Beck Restoring Honor Event

 The 8/28 Glenn Beck Restoring Honor Event was an inspiring event and marks a new era in American politics. Beck’s message is that we have to turn to God and grow to be the best and most honorable people that we can be. We have to demand more of ourselves and our children if we are going to find the next George Washington among us. He said that one person can change the world — and that person is you. Don’t look to someone else to save our country – look in the mirror. God as the supreme power underpins America’s founding — and it is equally essential today to reclaim our nation under our founding principles of individual liberty and limited government. Our brilliant founding fathers were so humble because they believed they were merely servants of a great and powerful God. Contrast that with our leaders today who think they, through the power of government, know best how we should live our lives.

Beck asked everyone to get down on their knees and pray each night — and to do it with the door open so that your kids see you. This was a fringe message or non-existent mainstream message not long ago. Now it draws a half million people (or more) to Washington D.C. from across the country. And that is a good thing because the path to restore America starts with virtuous citizens who are engaged ensuring that its leaders are humble public servants who exercise only Constitutionally enumerated powers.

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