Parental Refusal for PARCC Testing

Dear Parents,

We as parents are ultimately responsible for our children’s education. As a result, there are times when rather than trusting the “experts” we should consider looking for ourselves at what is best for our children.

Many states have adopted Common Core and about 12 states use the Common Core aligned PARCC testing, including NJ. If you have not taken the time to read an independent assessment (from an someone not funded by Bill Gates) you will be shocked and chagrined at what is happening while we go about our busy lives.

Our right to assert parental control and refuse to take these Common Core aligned standardized tests is a rare opportunity to take a stand against the loss of local control of education and the intrusion of the federal government and radical educational entities. Testing starts in just a couple of weeks.

We sent our letter today (attached) and delivered it to our daughter’s school. The teachers were supportive and the principal stated there would be no repercussions, despite this being a mandatory test. Regardless of the reception, this is a stand worth taking and it will only be truly effective if enough parents take a stand.

Some relevant links on this growing movement are attached below.

God Bless America,


Web site with key points in Dr. Moore’s shocking book called The Story Killers.

NJ PARCC Opt-Out movement:

NJ Opt-Out movement articles:


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A Time for Choosing at the Polls


Take a look at the Breitbart article linked below marking the 50th Anniversary of Reagan’s Time for Choosing Speech. The choice has never been more important or clearly drawn as we approach Election Day on November 4. Help the young people in your life to understand this choice. The entire Democrat party has enabled Obama’s big government, anti-freedom, divide the people and degrade the culture agenda every step of the way and any Democrat elected just provides support for this policy.

Take the time to connect with your friends, family, and neighbors and get every freedom loving voter you know across the country out to vote – don’t assume they will all vote.

For those in NJ, some information about the public questions from a very good Tea Party group is below. (These questions alone provide insight to the decay of our elected officials.)

For Liberty,
Election Decisions – Ballot issues

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Constitution Day Message from Dr. Ben Carson


These are trying times that require a careful look at what ails our great country. On this day that the Constitution was signed by 39 of the 55 delegates to the Constitutional Convention back in 1787, spend a moment to reflect on how our country would be different if American citizens demanded that our government follow the Constitution. Freedom to choose your doctor and your health insurance plan, no spying on innocent citizens, no administrative state where abstruse regulations by unelected officials govern our every action, no re-distribution of wealth (at the federal level), and a much more free land to pursue our dreams.

Below is Dr. Ben Carson’s thoughts for this day. As a man who rose from poverty to be a great neurosurgeon and then gained fame last year when he spoke the truth at the national Prayer breakfast right in front of the President. It is worth checking into him and his writings to see why he is a likely presidential candidate.

Happy Constitution Day,

A Plea for Constitutional Literacy on this Constitution Day

Dr. Ben Carson | Sep 17, 2014

Earlier this summer, I managed to perplex, perhaps even offend, a famous TV interviewer when I declared I want a federal government that follows the U.S. Constitution. Seemingly aghast, the interviewer went so far as to suggest my position was a “highly charged thing to say.”

Imagine that. A journalist — who, owing to the Constitution, has the right to report and speak freely — being uncomfortable with a fellow American’s allegiance to the Constitution and to the Founding Fathers’ vision of a limited central government.

I fear we as a nation have drifted too far away from an understanding and appreciation of the greatest governance document the world has ever produced. We have a president today who usurps power never given to him in the Constitution, a dysfunctional Congress so gridlocked that it can’t fulfill its mission as a separate-but-equal branch of government, and a Fourth Estate of media elites who cheerlead for a bigger, more intrusive government that unnecessarily addicts those struggling to escape poverty to handouts, rather than encouraging self-reliance.

Let me be clear. Rightly sized and empowered, government serves an excellent purpose. Our Founding Fathers knew that and created a perfect vision for a republic of independent states protected and served by a central federal government with strong checks and balances. Those checks on powers were essential to the Framers, who established three equal but separate branches to ensure we always had a government “of the people, for the people and by the people,” as Abraham Lincoln so wisely said.

But today we have people who are simply overgoverned — subjected to taxation, regulation and intrusions by a massive federal government that our Founding Fathers never would have tolerated. It wants to control what we eat, how we live and even how much we can earn. It values political correctness over freedom, codependence over self-reliance, and redistribution of wealth over personal success.

That’s why I said what I did that Sunday morning to that talk-show host. I told him I would love to have a government again that places the Constitution at the center of its mission, that recognizes government was never intended to intrude on every aspect of our lives. Everywhere I go in this great nation these days, I hear that same plea, from farmers in rural communities fearful the next federal regulation will put their generations-old family farm out of business, to shopkeepers suffocating under an unnecessarily high tax burden, to young people seemingly reconciled that their government will monitor, record and track their every movement.
How do we reverse this creeping despair that we have drifted too far away from our founding principles? It’s simple. I think we must go back to the source of our great American experiment: the U.S. Constitution.

In little more than 4,500 words, the Framers created a vision of government that preserves liberty first and foremost and also serves the basic needs of a republic. For 200 years, that document has guided this great nation through dark times and soaring success. For most of our history, schoolchildren were taught the guiding principles of the Constitution from the earliest age, and even members of Congress with controversial civil rights histories such as the late Sen. Strom Thurmond of South Carolina and Sen. Robert Byrd of West Virginia kept a copy of that great document in their jacket pockets to remind them of the responsibilities and limits of governance.

On this Constitution Day, a wonderful holiday created with bipartisan support just a few short years ago, let’s recommit ourselves to rereading and appreciating our Constitution and to ensuring that our children and our children’s children grow up with the same appreciation we were given. Familiarity with the greatest ideas ever created for preserving liberty will breed appreciation. Appreciation will help us all overcome the ignorant political correctness of a few media elites and governing officials who seem to dismiss the fundamental principles of a government that respects liberty first and foremost.

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Support Freedom by Going to the Movies… Really!


We are confronted with an outright lawless President. When even a President’s own Supreme Court appointees smack him down (regarding his unconstitutional recess appointments) we can be sure that he is hell-bent on absolute power at all costs.

One important way to take a stand against this tyranny is to take your family and friends and go see the new movie America opening today, July 2, 2014. This is a true celebration of Independence Day and the spirit of the Declaration of Independence.

Not only will this film be extremely thought provoking, but this is an important protest against government overreach, and support for a great man named Dinesh D’
Souza who is being persecuted in many ways for speaking out against Obama so effectively.

See the trailer and find a theatre near you by clicking on the image for America below. Initial ticket sales will drive more theatre openings and are very important for this film’s success and our support of freedom.

In addition, there is a link to the book that underlies this film and an interview with D’Souza below.

Happy Independence Day,


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Voting Choices Tuesday, June 3 – Larsen for Congress

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Voting Choices Tuesday, June 3 – Larsen for Congress

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Celebrate our Flag at Flag Day Festival – Saturday, June 14, 2-6 pm


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